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Our Plumbers Are Home Water Experts! Rooter Shark Plumbing has a variety of products to enhance and protect the water in your home. If you are interested in water filtration, we offer whole house and under-sink filtration products as well as UV filtration. Our plumbers can evaluate your water and your home and recommend the best type of filtration for your needs. With our expertise and product line, we have what it takes to tailor the perfect solution to your water woes. The Rooter Shark team is local; we are your neighbors and we have the same water as you. Therefore, we are better able to make suggestions based on our area’s needs.
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Rooter Shark Plumbing also offer a line of water smart products. These products are environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional products in that they do not use harsh chemicals or they conserve water as they are used. This line of water smart products is also budget smart! In conserving water, you are saving on utility bills. When you use environmentally friendly products to maintain your plumbing, you are preventing costly plumbing bills at the same time. Win win!
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Our Water Smart Products

Rooter Shark Plumbing offers whole house filtration, single source filtration (your kitchen sink, for example), and UV filtration. All three systems have their own ideal applications, and a member of our team can review the pros and cons of each. We can also come to your house and test your water and make a recommendation for you.

We offer several water smart products. What is a water smart product, you ask? Well, it is a product that uses less water or performs a task with no harsh chemicals that would pollute our waste water. Specifically, we can install low flow showerheads and toilets. We also offer a product called Bio Smart Drain Maid. This product is a multi-use liquid or powder that uses bacteria to eat away at build up in pipes to prevent clogs. BioSmart can be safely used in all septic systems, cesspools, leach and drain fields, grease traps, vehicle holding tanks, boat bilges and all drain lines – sinks, toilets, urinals, tubs, showers, floors and garbage disposals. It is also safe for human handling and the environment!


  • Check MarkBio Smart Drain Maid
  • Check MarkLow water use toilets
  • Check MarkLow flow shower heads
  • Check MarkPlumbing tune ups
  • Check MarkUV water filtration
  • Check MarkWhole-house filtration


  • Check MarkImproved water quality
  • Check MarkBetter tasting water
  • Check MarkLower utility bills
  • Check MarkFewer plumbing problems
  • Check MarkFewer harsh chemicals in your home
  • Check MarkEnvironmental responsibility

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