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You can rely on Rooter Shark Plumbing to expertly repair any leaks or problems you may have. We also pride ourselves on being honest with our customers. We will never over sell you on products or services, but if we feel your money would be better spent on replacing a system we will tell you this.

There is never a great time to have an unexpected major home expense, and we understand that. We will work with you to explain the costs and the cost benefit analysis over time. Once all your questions have been answered, we will give you time to make the decision. We will not pressure you either way. If you do decide to replace a system or complete a large plumbing overhaul, we parter with two major financing institutions to assist you.

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Greensky and FTL are both respected financing companies and offer simple, online applications. When you are ready, we can help you with the process and will be ready to install or upgrade your plumbing as soon as you are approved.

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We know that making large financial decisions is never easy. That is why we will give you as much information as possible to help.
We can also provide an expert analysis, if you request one. We will never influence you to make a specific decision or try to over sell you on products.

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