Sewer and drain cleaning in Chatsworth might sound simple, but it’s a job for a trained professional in Chatsworth. Nevertheless, there are a few things you can do to keep your lines clear and to minimize the chance of clogs. If you follow these sewer and drainage cleaning tips, you can give your plumbing system the care it deserves.

Clean Your Lines Frequently with Enzyme Cleaner

Chemical drain cleaners can destroy your plumbing. However, another type of cleaner removes debris from your pipes without eating away at them. You can find an enzyme cleaner designed for plumbing systems if you head to your favorite hardware store. The product will remove small accumulations of debris from your pipes. When you use an enzyme cleaner, read the directions. Typically, you should pour the cleaner into the largest drain in your home. It takes several hours for the cleaner to work because a biological reaction needs to happen. 

Use a Drain Snake

If you suspect a small clog in your line, you should get a drain snake. The tool is small, affordable, and easy to use. When you find a clog, use the snake to go into the drain line and either cut or push through a clog. Using a drain snake could prevent the need for plumbing repair near me. There is a risk associated with using a drain snake. If you have an old home, the pipes could be fragile. You might end up damaging the pipes with the snake, which could result in a leak. Additionally, drain snakes only work on small clogs. If you can’t remove the clog, stop trying and call a plumber for help.

Try a Natural Cleaner

There is a natural method to clean your drains, and it involves two ingredients that you probably have lying around your home. If you mix together baking soda and vinegar, you get a foamy and bubbling mixture. You can pour it down your drains to remove grease from the sides of your pipes. The grease alone may not cause a clog, but grease collects food and other debris. Over time, you could develop a blockage that completely blocks your drains. For this reason, baking soda and vinegar could save you from a major repair.

Flush the Lines with Water

Once every so often, you should flush your drain lines with water. Run several taps and your toilet at the same time to send a rush of water down your drains. Because of the high volume, the water is able to push through debris. If you already have a clog in your plumbing, flushing the lines could result in a broken pipe. You should consult with a plumber if you have a clog. 

Be Proactive

People often wait for a clog to do anything about their drains. Unfortunately, by the time you have a clog, it could be too late. Rather than wait for a plumbing disaster to strike, you should take a more proactive approach.  Pay attention to your plumbing and be cautious about what goes down your drains. When you do the dishes, scrape off your food into the trash can. Never pour grease or fat down your drain, and use strainers in all of your sinks. 

Schedule a Professional Cleaning

As previously mentioned, chemical drain cleaners can harm your pipes. A better method of removing clogs is to schedule a professional drain cleaning. In addition to cleaning out the drain lines, a professional will examine your sewer lines. They use special tools to inspect and clean out your plumbing system.  If you routinely schedule drain cleanings, you’re much less likely to develop large clogs. This saves you money on repairs and prevents all of the problems that come with blockages in your pipes. In the end, drain cleaning could save you money. 

Why Sewer and Drain Cleaning Matters

As a general rule, people don’t pay much attention to their drains or sewer lines. They only think about them when they smell a foul odor or have a broken pipe. But ignoring your plumbing is a major mistake that will cost you.  If you develop a clog in your line, you could experience a number of issues. Perhaps the worst complication is a sewer backup. Because of the clog, sewage could back up into your home. If this occurs, the smell is the least of your worries. Sewage is toxic and contains harmful bacteria, and it tends to stick to everything. Other signs of a clog are less dangerous but pose a constant annoyance. For instance, you could notice strange noises coming from your plumbing, slow drains, and foul smells. Over time, the problem will worsen, and you could have a broken pipe. 

Do You Need a Sewer and Drain Cleaning?

It can be difficult to know when you have a problem with your plumbing. If you notice any of the following signs, you need a professional sewer and drain cleaning:

Slow Drains

When you run your water, it should drain out of your sink or tub immediately. However, a clog in your pipes slows the flow of water and leaves it in your sink or tub. 

Foul Odors

Bad smells coming from your drains indicate a clog in your plumbing. Typically, the smell is caused by the bacteria or waste in the clog. Until you remove the clog, the foul odor will continue to bother you.

Gurgling Noises

If you hear gurgling noises coming from your toilet, you either have a clog or air in your drain. Both scenarios deserve a plumber’s attention. 

Call Us for a Cleaning

Whether you notice the signs above or you just want to take care of your plumbing, you should schedule a cleaning. Here at Rooter Shark, we want to prevent you from developing major clogs. For years, we’ve dedicated ourselves to providing locals with quality drain cleaning services.  Our team uses the most effective methods of sewer and drain cleaning to clear your pipes in Chatsworth. If you want to learn more about a cleaning or schedule an appointment, call us today.