Many people don’t notice the deteriorating condition of their tankless water heaters until it’s too late and ice-cold water starts coming out of faucets. To avoid running out of hot water when needed, you should be aware of the signs that tell you to replace your tankless water heater. A water heater failure is an inconvenience for anyone. Most homes use hot water daily for showers, dishes and other tasks. When the tankless water heater is malfunctioning, you should consider replacement before being stuck without hot water. This blog will count seven of the most common signs that your tankless water heater needs replacing.

1. Inconsistent Water Temperature

If there are issues with the water heater, you will notice frequent changes in the water temperature. The water temperature will fluctuate even if you haven’t requested hot or cold water.  An ice-cold shower may suddenly appear when you’ve. You’ve only just stepped in. Or maybe the water becomes painfully hot. Your water heater works daily to provide your home with hot water, especially in the winter when the water heater obtains increased stress. Ignoring a malfunctioning system might cause it to break down. Once cold water comes out of your taps and showers all the time, it may strike you how important your tankless water heater is. Sometimes temperature fluctuations occur due to an accumulation of mineral buildup in the water heating lines. Call a water heater repair expert as soon as you notice frequent fluctuations in the water tempe

2. Reduced Pressure

Mineral deposits can also cause further damage to your water heater by lowering your hot water pressure. The accumulation of minerals in the water heater’s lines can create a blockage. Blockage, in turn, reduces the hot water pressure coming from the tankless water heater. An aging tankless water heater also leads to reduced water pressure. Find local and trustworthy technicians at Rooter Shark for repairs to get your water pressure again.

3. Leaks

Thankfully leaks happen far less often with a tankless water heater. Unfortunately, leaks can still happen, so if you see a water pooling under the unit, make sure there’s not a loose or broken valve because tankless water heaters use natural gases, and you will need to call a technician to pair them safely. Water is never supposed to drip from a water heater, And a leak will never stop on its own if ignored; they can also eventually lead to significant water damage. You will be facing water damage to your belongings, and you could have to deal with dangerous mold. It’s best to take care of a hot water leak As soon as possible.

4. High Energy Bills

Tankless heaters are meant to save homeowners money by being more efficient unless they have a malfunction. Take a look at the last couple month’s utility bills. If you notice a steady increase, don’t ignore it and read the guide how to decrease your electricity bills.

5. Strange Noises

A little noise coming from the water heater isn’t uncommon. But, if this noise is frequent and loud, it can signify that the water heater needs replacement.  Sometimes, a water heater is noisy due to mineral deposits. The lines may be shifting around minerals, causing noises. Try to flush them out of the heater by getting tankless water heater repair services. Noisy sediments may also cause leaks.  Noises also happen if your tankless heating system is aged We recommend that homeowners call a plumber annually to inspect their tankless water heater.

6. Water Quality

There is something wrong if you notice rusty or cloudy water coming from your hot and cold water taps. Water coming from your faucets should be clear;  Because of sediment buildup, water can change color and come out brown or gray. If this happens, you could be facing a serious health concern in your home. Water heaters have a lifespan of about ten years. Have yours maintained and cleaned regularly to elongate its lifespan Ask a qualified professional to clean your tankless hot water heater or leave your water running to see if its color changes back after a while. If cleaning the water heater doesn’t work, it could mean that your tank needs to be replaced.

7. Not Enough Hot Water

If hot water runs out faster than usual, it is a sign that there is something wrong with your tankless water heater. Don’t ignore when hot water runs out and turns ice cold within minutes. The water heater should be able to provide hot water almost immediately. If you run out of hot water in your times of need, the tankless water heater is not fulfilling its “on-demand” promise. Most homeowners will notice right away if there’s not enough hot water.  Ensure you have not accidentally changed the water heater’s settings to vacation mode or a lower temperature because that would cause lukewarm water to come out. 

Call Rooter Shark for Tankless Water Heater Replacement 

Homeowners should maintain water heaters regularly to ensure a long and efficient lifespan. If it’s been ten years since the last time you replaced your water heater, it’s probably time you get it checked again, regardless of whether it is malfunctioning. Find expert plumbers for your water heater repair in Chatsworth, then call Rooter Shark.  When you find professional plumbers and repairmen, they can guarantee flawless service and longevity for your water heater. Do you need an experienced plumber and water heater replacement? Contact us today.  We’re happy to provide an estimate if you want to replace a tankless water heater. We’ll provide recommendations to improve your plumbing system.  Give us a call, and we can perform a comprehensive inspection of your entire system. Rooter Shark works around the clock to ensure fast solutions to your tankless water heater needs. Please request an appointment online anytime or give us a call.